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Raphtalia's Slave Crest Necklace

Raphtalia's Slave Crest Necklace

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I AM YOUR SWORD, wherever you go, I will go.

Under Naofumi's protection, Raphtalia becomes a skilled swordfighter and is able to find closure from her past traumas. Able to see past Naofumi's cynical nature, she falls in love with him and does her best to help him overcome his resentment towards others and losing himself to the Shield of Wrath, even volunteering to have her slave curse re-applied after it is forcibly removed as a sign of devotion. It is later revealed that through her Tanuki herritage, she is an heir to the throne of Q'Ten Lo, her father having eloped to Meloromarc and putting her at odds with her distant relatives.

The Rising of the Shield Hero

What’s Your Passion has crafted this pendant by starting with official schematics and casting it in .925 sterling silver, and the necklace is finished with a layer of rhodium for lasting protection from the elements.

Wear it proudly with a Combination 16” / 18” Adjustable Chain

Packaging: Black Paper Box

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