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Balloon Monster Bead

Balloon Monster Bead

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This level one monster is now yours to command!

 The Balloon is an inorganic type of monster. Balloons are shown throughout to be one of the weakest monsters. Naofumi used them in battles the Balloons couldn't breach Naofumi's defense, he used them as a form of offense and a means of persuasion on several occasions. Naofumi  most famously used them against Motoyasu in the one-sided duel to give him an upper hand.

The Rising of the Shield Hero 

💎 Jewelry Quality Designs: Casted in .925 sterling silver, coated in rhodium plating. NOM NOM NOM is engraved on the barrel of the bead. 

🌈 Bonus: Compatible with all major bracelet companies, or can be worn as a pendant on a cord or chain. 

⭐️ Official Licensed Crunchyroll Jewelry

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