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Neopets Jewelry Collection

Shoyru Necklace

Shoyru Necklace

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** The Shoyru Pendant was inspired by fan art design by Kuitsuku! **

“Neopets was such an influential part of my childhood as an artist and it’s been incredible to collaborate with JumpStart Games and What’s Your Passion, on a project that involves my fanart and a beautiful piece of jewelry.” - Kuitsuku

What’s Your Passion Jewelry has transformed some of your favorite Neopets into fine jewelry! Current pieces shown are sterling silver with rhodium and 14k gold plating. These pieces are perfect for the new and long-time fan alike. Best of all, each piece comes with a code for an exclusive in-game item, unique to each pet, on!

Shoyru is 28mm in height and is paired with a sterling silver chain

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