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Crunchyroll Jewelry Collection

Spear Hero Earrings

Spear Hero Earrings

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"I'm Kitamura Motoyasu. Twenty-one, and a college student"

The Hero of the Spear.  While generally a kindhearted person, he is immensely gullible and thick-headed; showing near complete unawareness of the actions of his manipulative party members or the foresight to plan ahead. Initially the leader of a party composed entirely of women who act as his cheerleaders and, unaware of her true nature, Motoyasu sympathizes with Malty's claims against Naofumi and invites her to join him; initially leading Naofumi to believe the two were working together.

The Rising of the Shield Hero

What’s Your Passion Jewelry has crafted these earrings by starting with official studio schematics.  For the silver, we coat the earrings in a layer of rhodium for lasting protection from the elements and add a layer of 14kt yellow gold overlay. The center stone is a lab-created cabochon ruby.

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